Megan Thee Stallion is helping Amazon kick off Prime Day with a new music video announcing the dates for this year’s shopping event, which are July 16 and 17. The music video was inspired by how customers use Prime Day deals to get closer to what they care about. We partnered with Megan and directors Dave Meyers and Mia Barnes from Radical Media to imagine how specific Prime Day deals could inspire all the different “Megans” she could become.
Prime members can shop Megan Thee Stallion’s Prime Day picks inspired by her different interests featured in the music video. Picks include early deals on items from her new Hot Girl Summer tour merchandise collection, an exclusive collaboration with Amazon Music. The original song featured in the music video is an Amazon Music Original called “It’s Prime Day.” It will also be included as a bonus track on her upcoming album MEGAN dropping June 28 for fans listening only on Amazon Music.
Megan Thee Stallion sitting in her living room opening Amazon boxes
Megan’s real-life interests inspired the deals and all of her different personas in the music video like "Megan Thee Chef."
Megan Thee Stallion wearing a Chef's hat and personalize Chef's jacket that reads, "Hot Girl Chef." She is throwing flour up in the air with both her hands.
“Megan Thee Lifeguard” which features items from Megan’s own line of beachwear, including the “hot girl” shorts she wears in the scene.
An image of Megan Thee Stallion on the Beach wearing lifeguard clothing and holding a red flotation device.
And “Megan Thee Cosplayer” is inspired by her appearances at conventions and award shows where she is known by her fans to appear in costume.
A close-up image of Megan Thee Stallion dressed in a blue wig with pigtails and a pink bow.
You even see Megan do all her own stunts in the video, including the motorcycle jump as “Megan Thee Daredevil.”
An image of Megan Thee Stallion holding onto the handlebars of a motorbike while she soars through the air in a stunt.
The song you hear in the video was written as an original for the commercial.
An image of Megan Thee Stallion's shadow while she sits on the set for her music video. Above her in big lighting is lettering that reads "Megan Thee Stallion."
Everything mentioned in the lyrics came straight from Megan. She shares some of her favorite products including lashes, jewelry, clothes, and candles. Megan even shares what she loves about Amazon, “Once you log in, it ain’t nothin hard to find.”
An image of Megan Thee Stallion in a cosplay outfit while smiling and looking at her phone. She is wearing a bright blue wig with long pigtails and an Asian-inspired outfit while standing inside a dojo.
Megan also makes sure to mention her pets with the line, “Imma log in and blow a bag on my animals.”
An image of Megan Thee Stallion walking her dog at a dog show. She is walking along the turf grass wearing a tweed set with shorts and a cropped top.
All in all, the music video and its corresponding tune are meant to highlight the feeling of getting exclusive deals that make Prime members feel special.It's safe to say many of us will now be singing “It’s Primmmeee Dayyy” all the way through July 17.
An image of Megan Thee Stallion's shadow while she sits in a chair on the set of her music video. There are bright lights above her that show the dates of Amazon's 2024 Prime Day event.
Prime Day is one of the most important moments of the year for Amazon to make our Prime members feel like a big deal with a 48-hour event filled with deals exclusively for them. The event is exclusive for Prime members. If you’re not a Prime member yet, sign up or start a free trial at to participate in this member-exclusive event with fast, free delivery and get the most out of Amazon.