Amazon Music has unveiled a brand-new creator space at Amazon’s historic Culver City campus in Los Angeles. The 28,600 square foot creator space offers a variety of rooms where artists can record, relax, and collaborate on exciting new experiences for fans.
The space is named Studio126, which is a cheeky nod to Amazon’s promise to offer everything from A to Z—with “A” being the first letter in the alphabet and “Z” being the 26th.
Studio126 in Culver City is just one of the offices Amazon Music has built to showcase our investment in developing artist and creator spaces globally. We’ve also opened beautiful new spaces in Brooklyn, Tokyo, and Berlin. Each space pulls design inspiration from the city in which it resides.
The design of the Culver City space draws inspiration from notable features in Los Angeles, taking guests through daylight at the beach, to sunset on the canyon side, to night time in Hollywood.
Ready to take a look inside? Follow along for an exclusive first look at Amazon Music’s new creator space in Culver City.
A dark image with bright white text overlay that reads "Studio 126 Amazon Music"
As guests arrive, they’re greeted by the café lounge which was designed to embody the beachy vibes of Los Angeles. We wanted this to feel like a warm handshake to welcome them inside. Artists can stop to grab a coffee and a have a seat before they continue moving through the space.
The cafe area inside the Amazon Music studio in Los Angeles. There is a large counter space with stools in front of the coffee bar. There are also several seating nooks, and two big black doors at the end of the space that lead into the rest of the studio.
There are four green rooms, and all of them continue with the Los Angeles beach, daytime theme.
The green rooms offer a comfortable living room where artists and entertainers can relax before and after a shoot, podcast, or content capture session
A green room with a couch, two blue chairs, and a large table with flowers and coffee table books on it. There are several big speakers located throughout the room, and a guitar displayed in front of the TV stand.
The design shifts to the sunset stage as you head into the podcast space. There are seven podcast studios, and they’re all designed to embody the feel of the Los Angeles canyon side.
A red and grey room set up for podcast recording. There are four large, comfy chairs pulled up to a table with microphones and a TV on the wall.
The podcast studios are shared between Amazon Music and Wondery. Each has a control booth attached for audio engineers to control the session as creators make podcasts, DJ Mode recordings, and Audible content.
The view from the sound booth attached to one of Amazon Music's podcast studios in LA. There is a black table with chairs pulled up to it and several music controls and monitors on top. Through the glass, you see a podcast recording setup with chairs, microphones, and a TV.
The next room in the sunset stage is the boardroom, where artists can meet with industry partners to develop marketing plans and campaigns. This space gives an elevated but relaxed vibe with mid-century design features and modern aspects.
The boardroom inside the amazon music studio in los angeles. There is a large table with many chairs pulled up to it, beige carpet with a cool white design on it, exposed beams on the ceiling, and a digital art piece on the wall of a man in a cowboy hat.
Guests reach the evening stage as they move into the screening room. The room’s design is inspired by old Hollywood and offers the ideal viewing and listening experience with a state-of-art sound system, comfy seats, and a large projector.
A theater room with a large projected screen at the front and big, soft comfy chairs in three rows. The room is dark with dark blue features and spotlights that can be lit.
The Merch Atelier—which is a fancy way of saying “ merch workshop”—is where our merch team collaborates with artists on new designs and displays the latest collections. The space brings you back to the Los Angeles beach vibes with natural daylight shining through the windows.
A living room area with two couches and a table in between them. There is a wall with record covers on it and next to it a wall with various artist merchandise like shirts and sweaters. There is also a TV on the wall.
In addition to the showroom, the Merch Atelier has spaces where our merch team can live sketch and review samples with artists. We want artists to feel at home here as they develop exciting new merch for customers.
A room with two large tables made of light wood. There are stools set up at one of the tables, and the other table has compartments for sketching tools like pencils and scissors. There are also band t-shirts folded and sitting atop both tables.
The Merch Atelier is the last stop on our tour, but this isn’t the end of your experience with Studio126. We’ll be working with top artists and creators to bring you new music, podcasts, livestreams, and more from our new creator space in Culver City. Stay tuned.

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