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Big changes to protect the planet
With ambitious goals and immediate action, Amazon is building a sustainable business for our customers and the planet. See our goals
At Amazon, we are committed to and invested in sustainability because it’s a win all around – it’s good for business, the planet, our customers, and our communities.

Amazon announces first Right Now Climate Fund project outside the U.S.

€3.75 million commitment to The Nature Conservancy will be used on efforts to reduce climate change risks and increase species biodiversity in cities, then shared across additional cities.

Amazon announces five new renewable energy projects

New utility-scale solar projects will power global operations in China, Australia, and the U.S.

Sustainable operations

We are taking a broad, science-based approach to measuring and reducing carbon emissions in our operations.

Packaging and products

Redesigning packaging to reduce waste and making our private-label products in responsible ways.

Social responsibility

Amazon is strongly committed to conducting our business in a lawful and ethical manner, including engaging with suppliers who respect human rights, provide safe and inclusive workplaces, and promote a sustainable future.

Employees and communities

Amazon is committed to supporting people—customers, employees, and communities—through initiatives ranging from disaster relief to veteran employment.

Sustainability in the cloud

AWS is committed to running our business in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. As part of Amazon’s commitment to achieving 100% renewable energy, AWS exceeded 50% renewable energy usage for 2018.

Tech for good

We pride ourselves on building a culture of innovation, and using our technology resources to help customers, employees, and society. Our employees constantly think about how to invent for good—what products and services we can build that customers need today and in the future.

Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative

Providing access to large datasets in the cloud helps researchers and innovators address a wide range of sustainability challenges.


We integrate sustainability practices into our everyday operations through goal-setting, metrics, and quarterly business reviews.

Sustainability partnerships

Many of the cross-cutting sustainability issues that we prioritize at Amazon are enhanced through partnerships and collaborative initiatives with credible, knowledgeable, and innovative industry partners.

Our progress on The Climate Pledge

Since co-founding The Climate Pledge last year, we’ve made new investments in renewable energy around the world, revealed new electric vehicle designs, and announced our first Right Now Climate Fund project with The Nature Conservancy.

The future we choose

Why it’s not too late to survive the climate crisis.

Driving design to combat climate change

Delivery associates helped design Amazon’s new fleet of electric delivery vehicles with safety and sustainability in mind.
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Amazon is investing in sustainability efforts across the U.S. and around the world.

Unlocking sustainability insights around the world

The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative is leveling the playing field to allow researchers to access and analyze massive datasets at a scale like never before.

5 things you don’t know about Amazon packaging

Learn how we invent and test new packaging to eliminate waste, ensure products arrive safely, and end “wrap rage” for our customers.
Committed to a sustainable future
Amazon is making big changes to protect the planet.
see our goals
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