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Safety at Amazon

Our employees are the heart of Amazon. This is why safety is integral to everything we do, and it’s why we work closely with health and safety experts and scientists, and conduct thousands of safety inspections each day in our buildings. We have also made hundreds of changes as a result of employee feedback on how we can improve their well-being at work. No matter who our employees are, where they work, or what they do, we are committed to ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being every day.
“Being a part of the safety team is exactly where I should be, and I’m proud to do the work I do.”
For safety coordinator Sethe Munoz, nothing is more important than being able to protect her loved ones, her coworkers, and herself.
Meet the people who help make Amazon a safe place to work
See how employees across our fulfillment and delivery network come together to create a safe workplace.
  • A woman in full COVID-19 personal protective wear and a safety vest stands next to a table that has COVID-19 testing supplies and a computer monitor.

    Helping Fight COVID-19

    Patricia Ramirez has been working at the Amazon COVID-19 onsite testing center in Eastvale, California, since October 2020. When it came time for Amazon to find people to manage the testing center, selecting Patricia was a no-brainer because she is a natural leader. She is diligent about keeping her workstation clean and wearing proper safety equipment while handling test kits, all while teaching and coaching other employees on how to properly execute the test.

    “COVID-19 has changed a lot of things about the way we work, but I love that I get to come to work and help keep employees safe and healthy. You can often find me recruiting other employees to come and get tested,” said Patricia. “Amazon continues to provide us with the proper information and supplies to keep this work going, and I’m proud to be able to help my fellow Amazonians.”
  • Shaquille Robinson, an injury prevention specialist at Amazon, stands in front of a wall with posters of human muscular anatomy. He is looking at the camera and wearing a stethoscope around his neck.

    Injury Prevention and Ergonomic Improvement

    Shaquille Robinson has an impressive background as an athletic trainer, with both a master’s and doctorate degree in Public Health. He shares his knowledge at Amazon by leading the company’s Injury Prevention Specialist (IPS) Fellowship Program.

    IPS provides graduate athletic training students with an immersive program at Amazon for eight to 13 weeks. Students analyze tasks for potential ergonomic improvement opportunities, perform biomechanical assessments, and assist with injury prevention activities.

    The program is also part of recruiting. Shaquille has helped hire nearly 200 athletic trainers to join Amazon, each of whom works on-site at fulfillment centers to help employees stay safe and healthy.
  • A brunette woman smiles and looks slightly off camera in this portrait. She is outside with a horse stable blurred in the background.

    Holistic Wellness Approach

    Leila Brown is responsible for bringing AmaZen to employees across Amazon’s fulfillment network. The wellness program provides guided voluntary mindfulness practices to all Operations employees.

    Leila, a Workplace Health and Safety employee based in Florida, has a professional background in sports medicine. She also has a keen focus on holistic health and wellness, along with alternative therapeutic care.

    “I never thought I’d be able to do what I love for work every day. For me, AmaZen is about the practice of holistic, guided mindfulness. Helping employees make their daily jobs and lives better is such a rewarding part of what I do, and I can’t wait to see the impact we make as we bring AmaZen more sites,” Leila said.
“When it comes to being safe, Amazon has my back.”
As a nursing student and a mother of four in New York, Niketa Gordon is passionate about health and caring for others. She’s invested in both her colleagues and customers at the Amazon 4-Star store where she works in SoHo in New York City.
An image of a large robotic device pulling carts at an Amazon fulfillment center.

New technologies to improve employee safety

From testing new workstations to innovating on high-tech autonomous vehicles, Amazon’s Robotics and Advanced Technology teams focus on making work safer for employees.
A collage of three, female Amazon employees smiling for individual portraits inside the fulfillment centers where they work. All three women are wearing black face masks with the Amazon logo on them.

Meet employees behind Amazon’s new health and wellness program

WorkingWell is a new program that helps Amazon employees focus on their physical and mental well-being.
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