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Great news for Prime members, Grubhub is extending its Grubhub+ free trial offer—that includes $0 delivery fees on eligible orders from hundreds of thousands of restaurants—at no additional cost to a Prime membership.

Prime members who have already signed up for Grubhub+ since the one-year offer was introduced on July 6, 2022, can keep enjoying Grubhub+ and will now receive an additional 12 months for a total of 24 months of Grubhub+ for free.

As a special limited-time offer, Prime members who redeem now through July 5, 2023, can also enjoy a total of 24 months of Grubhub+ for free. Prime members who redeem the offer July 6, 2023, or later will still receive 12 months of Grubhub+ for free.

Grubhub+ provides Prime members with unlimited, $0 food delivery fees on orders over $12 as well as exclusive perks for Grubhub+ members and rewards like free food and order discounts. Learn more about how you can sink your teeth into this deal.

Terms and additional fees on orders and eligibility rules may apply.