In 2018, we launched our Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program to share our experience in operations and logistics to aspiring entrepreneurs. The program empowered these entrepreneurs to build their own last mile delivery companies—from the ground up with the support infrastructure, technology, and a suite of exclusive services, creating thriving small businesses and a safe and motivating environment for their teams. In return, these entrepreneurs have become hands-on leaders who think big and deliver results for customers.
In just two years, these entrepreneurs have experienced remarkable growth, with more than 1,300 DSPs operating across the U.S., Canada, UK, Spain, and Germany who have created nearly 85,000 jobs. The breadth of diversity in the program has been inspiring. Owners include military veterans, former sellers on, educators, city council members and many others who come from a variety of backgrounds. They are great coaches and mentors who have built customer obsessed teams that have delivered more than 1.8 billion packages worldwide, using more than 40,000 Prime branded last mile vehicles—from electric vehicles to step vans to delivery vans—generating over $4.5 billion in revenue for their small businesses.
When the DSP program launched in 2018 we announced a veteran incentive program that has been incredibly successful, having made grants totaling $5 million to support 500 veteran entrepreneurs in launching their business. Today, we're proud to announce a new diversity grant to help reduce the barriers to entry for Black, Latinx, and Native American entrepreneurs—a $1 million commitment toward funding startup costs, offering $10,000 for each qualified candidate to build their own businesses in the U.S. With the launch of this grant program, we’re investing in building a future for diverse business owners to serve their communities.
"We are committed to opening up more opportunities for underrepresented minorities to realize their dreams. For many, this includes owning their own business, and we are proud to help make that happen," said Udit Madan, Amazon’s vice president of Last Mile Logistics. "The DSP program empowers hands-on leaders with a bias for action, ownership, and deep customer obsession to build their own business and grow with the rising tide of e-commerce, while helping us supplement capacity to speed up deliveries for customers. We are incredibly proud of our partners and are excited to continue to see this program grow."
Theo Devine, Delivery Service Partner and owner of Integrity Delivered in Baltimore
"I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit most of my life. I was an educator and administrator with the Baltimore City Schools for many years. One of my proudest achievements while I was in the school system was starting “integrity centers” for students who needed extra attention. We’d mentor students, listen to them and teach them appropriate behaviors, like doing the right thing when no one’s looking. It was incredibly successful and helped cut suspensions and increase attendance. I love running big operations like that and was proud of what we accomplished to help those kids. Earlier this year, I heard about the Delivery Service Partner opportunity to start my own small business delivering packages for Amazon and it was exactly what I was looking for next. It fit my skill set perfectly and gave me an opportunity to hire many of my old students. When I launched my business in May 2019, I named it Integrity Delivered after those centers I started at the schools and the job opportunities I could create for the Baltimore City youth. My son who’s studying business also works with me. I want more young people in the community to see that future for themselves too and consider entrepreneurship as a path."
Quanique Toston, Delivery Service Partner and owner of LQ Logistics in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
“Some people don’t expect to see a woman running a logistics company, but I’ve never been afraid of being a female leader in a male-dominated industry. I spent nine years in the military, as a logistics and supply specialist in the U.S. Army, where I learned the ins and outs of the industry but also how to be a good leader. When I left the Army, I knew I wanted to carry that passion for leadership and mentorship into my next role and I especially wanted to encourage other women to step up leaders and find success at work too. When I saw an ad for the Delivery Service Partner program to start my own company delivering packages and coaching employees, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I love bringing an empowering culture to my company and I'm proud to be a female entrepreneur. I have a daughter who looks to me as a role model for everything that she can do and be in this world. It's important for young girls to see other women succeed, especially on their own. I always remind her that if a man can do it, a woman can do it too. I actually named my company LQ Logistics for London and Quanique. We joke that she’s my coworker but really she’s more like my boss! I just hope I’m inspiring her.”
Albert "Vinny" Roman Jr., Delivery Service Partner and owner of Roman Empire Logistics in New York City
“My entire life, I’ve felt called to serve. The 16 years I spent with the Marines were some of the most challenging and most rewarding years of my life. The discipline and sense of duty I saw in my fellow Marines was inspiring to be around and incredibly motivating. Since becoming a civilian, I’ve continued to find work opportunities that allowed me to give back and serve. I grew the Toys for Tots program in New York to one of the largest in the nation and worked with FEMA and the American Red Cross to provide hurricane relief in Florida and Puerto Rico. I loved helping these organizations make a positive difference and soon felt the call to serve again, but this time working for myself. Since starting my own company this summer as an Amazon Delivery Service Partner, I’ve been able to create jobs for 65 people and together we’re creating a culture that makes us all proud to come to work every day. I’ll probably always work with other organizations to help provide community support and support their positive missions—especially during the holiday season – but it’s a completely different feeling to execute my own mission and vision. I’m so excited to continue growing and seeing how much good we can do in the process.”
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