In 2016, Jimmy Serrano, senior manager of ops HR and glamazon board member, was part of an employee-led team that created a toolkit for transgender employees transitioning in the workplace.
For over a year, the team held focus groups with some of Amazon’s transgender and gender non-binary employees to understand their journey and identify the resources that would have been helpful during their transitions. The team also heard from managers and teammates of employees who had transitioned to learn what information they would have liked to better support their transitioning colleagues.
A group of 9 – including members of glamazon’s board and leaders from HR – used this information to create a toolkit to help their transgender colleagues through the process of transitioning and identifying as transgender in the workplace, as well as for the Amazonians who support them.
After launching the toolkit in the United States a year ago and expanding it to employees in the UK, with more locations in the works – we’ve gotten some great feedback from fellow Amazonians, including:
“I'm officially a 17-year Amazonian … and have never been prouder of my employer.”
“I am genderqueer, and have been wrestling with whether to come out to my team; it’s so heartening to see the Transgender@Amazon resources in general, and especially to see language that includes non-binary employees... Thank you to everyone at glamazon who’s been working on this!”
We're very proud to be part of a company that empowers employees to support their transitioning colleagues. Amazon wants employees to bring their best selves to work – and to do great things on behalf of customers and the LGBTQ community.