Amreek Singh is one of thousands taking part in I Have Space, an Amazon India program that allows store owners to earn extra income by delivering products and making their shops available as locations for Amazon customers to pick up their purchases.

“I used to manage my household expenses with great difficulty,” Singh said, reflecting on the difference that participating in I Have Space has made. “The company is supporting me so much, despite me making no investment, and that provides us a window to grow every single day.” He’s putting some of his newfound income into expanding the scope of his own business. He’s also saving to help his daughter continue her education.

More than 12,500 store owners in India participate in I Have Space, which handles a significant proportion of Amazon Logistics’ volumes in the 150 cities where it operates. "We believe customers, no matter where they reside or are located, value fast and reliable delivery,” said Akhil Saxena, Vice President, India Customer Fulfillment, Amazon India. "It’s humbling to see that we have not only extended our reach and gotten closer to our customers, but have also empowered thousands of local entrepreneurs to scale greater heights."

The program is open to all store owners who have the ability to service on foot or a two-wheeler. The only requirement to be an I Have Space partner is for the store owner to have sufficient staff to make local deliveries during their off-peak hours and space for storage of the packages. Currently, this program primarily consists of grocery, telecom, stationery, chemists, general stores, and other modern trade outlets to name a few.