Since 2015, Amazon Handmade has created a space that empowers small business owners and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, giving them a place to sell their crafts and transform passions into businesses. To celebrate Black History Month, we're introducing a storefront dedicated to select Black Makers and Artisans, which will be available from February 1 through February 28.
In addition to showcasing handcrafted items ranging from jewelry to skincare, these Makers are sharing inspiring stories of turning their love of craft into successful small businesses, Black entrepreneurship, and what their companies can mean for future generations.
"Being a part of the Black-owned business community gives me an opportunity to serve as an example for young Black girls," said Tiffany V. Bobb, founder of T. Victoria, a handcrafted jewelry company based in New Jersey. "If they can see my success as a business owner, they'll realize they're capable of achieving the same."
Lourdes Liz, the founder of skincare company 16J Organics, is a fellow Maker and first-generation American. "I firmly believe that, as Black Americans, it's vital that we encourage younger generations to explore entrepreneurial careers," said Liz.
Through our dedicated store, Amazon Handmade hopes to better help customers shop small Black-owned businesses and spotlight inspiring stories from Makers across the United States. Meet some of our featured Makers:

Shan Williams

My Heart and Soul Essentials

Luxurious shea butters made by hand using natural ingredients.
"I draw my inspiration from other Atlanta Black business owners. Watching other African-American women soar in their respective businesses gives me even more drive to stay clear on my path and strive for excellence. Their success has proven that I am capable of being successful in my own business."

Lourdes Liz

16J Organics

All-natural, organic, food-grade skincare made by hand.
"In my opinion, Black entrepreneurship is the primary pathway to realizing the American Dream—a vehicle to equality, equity, and economic independence."

Ellana Turner

Cloth & Cord

Handmade, African-inspired, bold statement jewelry and accessories.
"I've been creating, crafting, and designing since I can remember and sewing for over 20 years. I've done a little bit of everything in my journey, trying to find my purpose. Cloth & Cord is about an expression of artistry, life, and passion, a born love for bold patterns that command attention and cause the mind to wander and imagine, to take you on a journey untraveled. This business is about expressing a love for art and finding ways to show that love no matter where you are."

Tiffany V. Bobb

T. Victoria

Handmade jewelry created with raw and semi-precious stones and refined metals and shapes.
"I was inspired to start my business when I discovered healing crystals and started making my own bracelets. Eventually, people started asking if my products were for sale. Driven by the belief that every woman deserves to feel beautiful inside and out, I created T. Victoria."