There’s a new super-sleuth in town. Author Lauren Wilkinson—the award-winning writer of one of President Obama’s favorite reads in 2019, American Spy—is revealing her thriller-writing prowess in a new Sherlock-Holmes-inspired short that asks readers to wonder: In a case most peculiar, how elementary can it be?
In A Scandal in Brooklyn, Wilkinson takes readers inside a top-secret experiment at a restricted virtual reality compound that pulls fictional attorney Tommy Diaz back into the orbit of the brilliant detective Irene Adler, an old friend with an eidetic memory, a love of true-crime podcasts, and a knack for solving the unsolvable.
But this? At a remote warehouse, a willing test subject for a virtual reality trial, alone in the observation room, drops dead of anaphylaxis—from the sting of a virtual bee. Though the tech titan behind the research believes in the power of the outrageous, Irene relies on clues, hard facts, and a level head to solve the mystery behind the virtual experiment gone awry.
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