This week, we welcomed Vice President of Amazon Music Steve Boom to Washington D.C. to share what’s new with Amazon Music and talk about the critical need for music licensing reform.
In meetings with lawmakers, Steve said that in order for Amazon to continue its mission to bring customers more of the music they love, we need to streamline the licensing process; current law lacks a clear and efficient process to license and pay for the use of musical compositions. This creates barriers to entry, prevents songwriters and artists from being properly compensated, and impedes lawful distribution to customers.
That is why Amazon supports the Music Modernization Act, which would bring more music to customers, make licensing more efficient, and ensure proper royalties are paid to songwriters and rights holders – a win for creators, industry professionals, and music lovers alike.
In addition to meeting with policymakers about this important priority, Steve was our guest of honor at an event on Capitol Hill. During the event, he showed guests how Amazon Music has reimagined the listening experience through its innovative use of voice technology, bringing more customers into the music streaming market.
Steve also talked with guests about how to use Alexa to select music by genre, mood, era, activity, or even by quoting song lyrics.
As Steve repeated during his visit, it’s still Day 1 for Amazon Music, and we can’t wait to see how our innovations will continue to enhance the listening experiences of our customers. Thanks to Steve and his team, the future of music is here.